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Padre de Cuatro Está Arrasando con la Internet

26 Nov , 2016  

Simon Hooper has gone viral because of his four daughters under 10. He and his wife, Clementine, have a 9-year-old, 6-year-old and 10-month-old twins. Everyday Hooper documents his parenting routine on his Instagram account, father_of_daughters.

Simon is 33,  an Operations Director at a management company in London and along with Anya, Marnie, and ten-months-old twins Ottilie and Delilah, his daughters, make one of the funniest photos internet have. Within a few months posting on Instagram, he accumulated a following of staggering 260,000 people. It is not just heart-warming but also gives a real glimpse of what parenting looks like.  It is not all about beautiful babies with cherry pink cheeks, messes happens and you have to deal with it.


Being a dad tough, but once that kid smiles up at you or gives you a hug out of nowhere, you forget all the sleepless nights you went through.

Here are some of these super funny pictures: